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PLC injection molding machine dedicated manipulator Based

Author:admin Browse:Date:2016-01-20

[Rich Wells robot Reuters Currently, the popular injection molding machine dedicated manipulator on the market we are all using the minimum control systems plus the interface consisting of a dedicated microprocessor control in terms of systems. In terms of mechanical structure, positioning accuracy is not required when using the timing belt drive, walking part of the configuration Waterloo rail line, the inverter speed control. This paper presents a PLC-based control of the injection molding machine dedicated manipulator and take advantage of flexible PLC control features, walking part of the configuration Waterloo rail line, using helical gear rack drive and frequency control; is a cost-effective electromechanical integration equipment . Articles are two levels of control from the mechanical and electrical construction of the aircraft made a more complete discussion.


1 Introduction


In plastic products, products of different processing methods in order to be classified, can be divided into four categories. One for injection molding products; two for blow molding products; three for extrusion products; fourth calender molding products. Where the application of the most extensive, most varieties, the highest precision, when the number of the injection finished products category, daily necessities in small scoop crockery pots, children's toys, large parts on precision industrial equipment, along with a variety of new polymer materials continue to emerge, many metal parts of these new materials are also constantly being gradually replaced trend. In line with the requirements of automated production of injection molding products, in order to ensure high-quality products, high efficiency, the need to minimize manual intervention, based on the above ideas, many injection molding machine manufacturer to injection molding machine dedicated manipulator devices included in the scope of customer choice auxiliary member .


However, the original injection machine, the vast majority do not have this device, therefore, the development of special auxiliary robot for injection molding machine used, it would enhance the competitiveness of an important means of product manufacturers and the inevitable choice.


2 Sectors


Various types of robot is indispensable in automated production equipment. Especially in dangerous situations, a serious threat to people in a safe and healthy environment, using a robot instead of the people, has very important significance.


Pearl River Delta region of plastic industry is well developed in the domestic Habitat leading position in the international community also has the world's factory PRD said. Currently, the industry uses the injection molding machine dedicated manipulator in Taiwan produce the majority, such as the company's impulsive impulsive Taiwan card manipulator, Granville off Taiwan International Co., Ltd. production of "Granville-off" W255 series injection molding machine dedicated manipulator, and many more.


Analysis of the structure of such a manipulator, the electrical control system generally uses a microcomputer minimum system or SCM system, manipulator driving portion of the pneumatic drive, variable speed drives and servo drives. Using the slide rail line with regulations belt transmission structure in terms of the mechanical structure, or balls structure with sliding rack and pinion rail line. The overall design concept, are possible using sophisticated control technology and mechanical parts and body with a form.


3 PLC-based control of the injection molding machine dedicated manipulator


Said injection molding machine dedicated manipulator, the robot manufacturer, since the special auxiliary equipment and thus higher prices, in particular for the transformation of the original equipment injection molding machine, the economy seems to "outweigh" the horse. The so-called "high-cost performance" of the injection molding machine dedicated manipulator it would all injection products manufacturer using the original injection molding machine equipment to improve product quality and largest selection of important needs.


3.1 PLC as the core control system


PLC is a microprocessor core, and integrated computer technology, a new kind of industrial automation control equipment automatic control technology and communication technologies developed. Its biggest feature is the small, powerful, fast response and high reliability. Control processes are by way of ladder programming. Ready to follow the different requirements of the production process and random changes, but also scalable. Now that the PLC by the world famous manufacturer of electrical control equipment research and development and production of specialized, so due to the low production costs and lead to cheaper prices. With the acceleration of global economic integration, market competition leading to lower prices further space provided favorable conditions for the widespread use of such control systems in various industries.


3.2 Mechatronics mechanical transmission mode


In today's era of technology updates more quickly, who keep up with the pace of technological development, who is likely to gain market. At present, the popular robot injection molding machine on the market, and both are designed to follow the above ideas. This paper is an extension of these ideas a design pattern: modular structure. Upcoming system relatively independent parts, under the premise of meeting the technological requirements of the system, with the highest cost-effective mechanism to be configured. For the structure of the system, using the transverse axis of the drive motor with reduction mechanism drive; the vertical axis and lead pull driven by pneumatic cylinder. In the rampage, Stubbs, were walking up and down on the use of imported high-rigidity linear slide mechanism. Up and down the shaft and bearing assembly axis Stubbs was a commercially available high-rigidity type of aluminum alloy, with oblique transverse axis rack and pinion. In summary, the high cost of the mechanical configuration of heightening cost-effective control system, which gave birth to the highly competitive market of injection molding machine dedicated manipulator.


4 Conclusion


Practice has proved that the use of a very mature PLC and inverter speed control technology is very mature technology and advanced mechanical transmission components, using modular architecture, application engineers can rapidly design and manufacture enterprise production electromechanical integration equipment needed. Become equipment modification, upgrade, improve product quality, powerful weapon participate in market competition.

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